Snooker - 6 red ball

2019. 10. 20. 12:00 - 23:59


Snooker - 6 red ball

date 2019-10-20 12:00 -  2019-10-20 23:59

Entry fee : 3500 HUF Max people : 24/5

The Terminal Snooker Club will hold a 6-Ball Tournament from noon on Sunday, unless there is a specialty tournament.

A maximum of 24 people can enter a tournament. After the group matches, the competition is held in a knockout form.

Those wishing to enter the competition can register via the website after registration. If the competitor has not submitted his entry on the website, he can enter the competition only if the 24-person table has not passed before the draw. If fewer people enter the website but more than 24 people come to the event in person, the order of arrival will be decisive!

For this reason, we advise you to submit your entry on the website to reassure yourself! If table 24 is completed on the website, the draw will be prepared in advance and the competition will begin at 12.10. If the site does not pass Table 24, we will draw the groups at 12.10 and start the race after that.

The detailed rules of the competition can be viewed on the spot.

Good racing for everyone!