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1. The purpose of the data management informant

The Prominax Kft. (henceforward, the service provider, data manager) as a data manager agnizes the content of the legal notice compulsory. It takes commitment that its every activity in connection with data managing suits the present policy and the valid national law, as well as the expectations of legal acts defined by the European Union.

Privacy Policy in connection with the data managing of Prominax Kft. is permanently available at .
The right is reserved to Prominax Kft. to change the present informant anytime. Of course, the audience will be notified of the possible changes in time. In case you've got a question in connection with our announcement, please, write to us, and a colleague will answer the question.

Prominax Kft. in defense of its engaged customers' and partners' personal datas considers respecting customers' information self-determination right important. Prominax Kft. treats personal data privately, and does every safety, technical and organizational acts which garantee the safety of datas.

The Prominax Kft. introduces its data managing practise hereunder.

2. The data manager's datas

In case you would like to find Company, you can contact the data manager at or at 061/426-1599.

Name: Prominax Kft.

Commercial register number: 01-09-190416

Name of the registered court: Fõvárosi Törvényszék Cégbírósága ( Registry Court of the Capital's Judgement-Seat)

Tax number: 14977271-2-43

Phone number: 061/426-1599 E-mail:

2.1. Privacy (data protection) clerk

Name: Gábor Vértesi

Phone number: 061/426-1599

3 Cycle of treated personal data

3.1. Personal data needed for registration

  • Country and town of origin
  • Username*
  • E-mail address*
  • Password*
  • Confirm password*
  • Full name
  • Phone number
  • Preffered game
  • Levels in preferred games (easy, medium, hard)
  • The highest points in practise and competition
  • User confirms that they're older than 16*
  • Chance to delete the account

Datas marked with "*" are essential for the registration, indentifying and for successful feedback of registration.

3.2 Technical data

Prominax Kft. chooses and runs the informatics tools during the service for personal data for the treated data to be:

  • available for the enabled
  • accuracy and attestation is provided (attestation of data managing)
  • unvariance can be proved (dataintegrity)
  • protected against unauthorized access (safety of data)

The Prominax Kft. protects datas with the right measures from unauthorized access, changing, passing on, publicizing, deleting, or accidentally destruction.

The Prominax Kft. provides technical, organizational and organismic acts which gives proper defensive rate in connection with the risks with data managing.

The Prominax Kft. keeps the secrecy during the data managing:

  • protects information, only authorized people can access;
  • the integrity; protects the accuracy and completeness of the infromation's and method of process;
  • availability; provides when its needed the authorized user could really come at the wanted information, and the tools in connection with this would be available.

3.3 Cookies

3.3.1 The function of cookies

  • collect information of visitors and their tools
  • memorize visitors' private settings, which are (can be) used, so it don't have to be typed again
  • makes the using of the website easier
  • provide quality user experience

In favour of customized service the user places a data packet on the computer, so called cookies and read back during the next visit. . If your browser sends back a cookie saved before, a service treating the cookie have a chance to connect the user's present visit with the previous ones but only in point of its own content.

3.3.2 Essential session cookies

The purpose of these cookies that the visitors could browse the website enirely and seamlessly, use its functions, and the available service there. These cookies' period of validity lasts until the end of the browsing, these kind of cookies are automatically deleted from the computer and from every tool used for browsing.

3.3.3 Cookies spaced by a third person (analitycs)

The website also uses Google Analitycs', as a third person's cookies. Using a statistical purpose service, Google Analitycs, Prominax Kft. collects information about how the visitors use the website. The data is used for the improvement of the website and the fixing the user experience. These cookies also stay on the computer, tool used for browsing, browser of the tool till their expiry date or till the user deletes them.

3.4 Data in connection with online ordering

Right now we don't use these datas, we don't employ this function.

3.5 Data in connection with administration

Right now we don't use these datas, we don't employ this function.

3.6 Data in connection with newsletter

Right now we don't use these datas, we don't employ this function.

4 Planned using and period of saving of treated data

Name of data manage Use Claim Time of keeping
Registration User attendance Approval as the base of data manage Delete of the user made at registration

5 Purpose, method and claim of data management

5.1 Summary guidelines of data management

The activity of data managing of Prominax Kft is based on volunteer approval and authority of law. In case of data managing based on volunteer approval, a concerned can take back their approval in every stage of data managing.

In some cases laws obligate the treating, storing, sending of the given cycle of datas, which we separately notify our customers.
We remind the informants for Prominax Kft. that if not their own personal datas are given, it's the informant's duty to get the concerned's approval. The principles of data manage chimes in with the valid laws in connection with data protection, especially with the ones hereunder:

  • CXII. law from 2011. - about the informational self-determination right and freedom of information (Infotv);
  • Order 2016/679 of the European Union and Council (27 April, 2016.) - about the protection of natural people's personal datas during the data managing and the free streaming of these kind of datas and also the avoidment of order 95/46/EK (ordinary privacy order), GDPR);
  • V. law from 2013. - about the Civil Code (Ptk.);
  • C. law from 2000. - about accountancy (Számv. tv.);
  • LIII. law from 2017. - about the prevention and inhibiton of terrorism and money laundering (Pmt.);
  • CCXXXVII. law from 2013. - about lending insitutions and financial businesses (Hpt.)

6 Physical storage of data

Your personal datas can get to our treatment in the following way: on the one hand technical datas in connection with Internet connection or a computer, browser, internet address, visited website used by you are automatically made in our computer system, on the other hand you can give your name, accessibility or other datas, if you'd like to personally contact us while using the website.

Technically fixed datas while running of the system: those datas of the concerned's computer which the fixes as automatical result of technical procedures. The automatically fixed data is automatically journaled when entering and logging out without the concerned's separate declaration. This data can't be connected to other personal datas - expect in cases obligated by the law- . Only the data manager and informant get at the datas.

7 Data transmission, data processing, data recognizer's cycle

The data processing is done by a sole trader, Péter Kónya (coRal design) who is comissioned by Prominax Kft. The storage of datas takes place at the servers of Viacom Kft. The non-disclosure commitments, non-disclosure clauses of the bounded agreements undertaken by the data manager apply to the data processor and data archiver.

8 The concerned's rights and enforcement choices

The concerned can ask for information about the treatment of their personal datas and can ask the correction, cancellation and also - expect the obligatory data managing - deleting of their personal datas, can live with their right to bear data and protest at the method signed at the enrolment of datas or at the data manager's accesibility.

8.1 Right for getting to know information

The Prominax Kft. does correct acts in case of giving a short, easy to see through, understandable, clearly formulated and in an easily available format guide to the concerned people which is based on information mentioned in article GDPR 13. and 14. and also in article 15-22. and 34.

8.2 Concerned's right for access

The concerned is authorized to get feedback from the data manager if their personal data is being treated, and if this kind of data managment is in progress, they're authorized to get aprroval to personal data and the following informations: the purpose of data management; categories of the concerned's personal data; those addresseds or categories of addresseds that the personal datas was or will be informed, especially including addresseds from the third country and also the international organizations; planned period of storage of datas; right for correction, deleting and limitation of data managing and right to protest; right to make complaint to inspectoral authority; information regarding to source; fact of automatical decision-making, including account making, and also practical logic and understandable information regarding to how this kind of data managing matters and what kind of spell has on the concerned. The data manager gives the guideat most in a month after presenting the request.

8.3 Right for correction

The concerned could ask the correction of the relevant inaccurate personal datas and the addition of incomplete datas.

8.4 Right for deleting

If any of these causes lives, the concerned is authorized to ask Prominax Kft. to delete the relevant personal data without causeless further delay:

  • personal data is not needed anymore because they were collected or treated in another way already;
  • the concerned takes back their approval which is the base of the data managing and the data manage doesn't have any other claim;
  • the concerned protests against data managing and there is no high-priority legal reason for the data managing;
  • personal data was treated illegally;
  • personal data has to be deleted to fulfill the privity allowed in the law of union and member state which has to be used on the data manager

Datas can't be deleted if the data is needed: for the freedom of deliverance and for practising the right for orientation; fulfilling the privity allowed in the law of union and member state which has to be used on the data manager for data managing and for the task did in the purpose of practising public license trusted with the data manager; which concerns the area of public health, archive, scientific and historical researches or statistical purpose, based on common weal; draft, validation and protection of legal needs.

8.5 Right for controlling data management

For the concerned's request Prominax Kft. can control the data manage if any of these terms come true:

  • the concerned doubts the accuracy of the datas; in this case the conrolling applies that period which can check the accuracy of personal datas;
  • the data manage is illegal and the concerned is against of checking datas and they request the controlling of using instead of this
  • the data manager doesn't need personal datas for data managing but the concerned claims them for submit, validation and protection of legal needs; or
  • the concerned protested against the data manage; in this case the conrolling applies that period till it's not sure that the data manager's rightful causes have priority against the concerned's rightful causes

If the data managing happens to be under control, personal datas can only be treated with the concerned's approval, submitting, validation and protection of legal claims, or in favour of other natural or legal person's protection, or the Union's or another member state's important common weal.

8.6 Right for bearing data

The concerned is entitled get the relevant, personal datas given to the data manager in a articulate, widely used, machine-readable format, and these datas will be passed on to another data manager.

8.7 Right for protestation

The concerned's entitled to protest anytime because of their personal situations against data manage needed for execution, necessary treatment of the enforcement of the data manager's or the third person's legal interests (including account making based on the mentioned actions) what was used for practising the public license vested to the data manager or their personal datas. If protests, the data manager can't treat the datas anymore, expect if it's justified by compelling legal reasons which have predence over the concerned's interests, rights and freedom or it's in coonection with the submittal, validation and protection of legal needs.

8.8 Automated decision-making in private cases, included making accounts

The concerned is entitled not to be ranged by decision based on automatical data manage only - including account making - which could have a legal effect on them or would touch them measurebly.

8.9 Right for cancellation

The concerned is entitled to take back their approval.

8.10 Right for turning towards the court of justice

If the concerned datas are impinged, they could turn to the court against the data manager. The court would treat the case out of turn.

8.11 Public proceedings for data protection

Your complain can be sent to Nemzeti Adatvédelmi és Információszabadság Hatóság (National Authority of Privacy Policy and Freedom of Information)

Name: Nemzeti Adatvédelmi és Információszabadság Hatóság (National Authority of Privacy Policy and Freedom of Information)

Székhely: 1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/C.

Place of business: 22/C. Szilágyi Erzsébet Alley, 1125 Budapest

Mailing address: 1530 Budapest, Pf.: 5.

Phone number: 0613911400

Fax: 0613911410



9 Other provisions

About the data manage we haven't mentioned in this guide, we will inform you at datasurvey.

We inform our customers that the court of law, the lawyer, investigator authority, Nemzeti Adatvédelmi és Információszabadság Hatóság (National Authority of Privacy Policy and Freedom of Information), the Hungarian National Bank (based on the authorizing of law) can find the data manager because of communication, pass of the datas, giving free run of the documents, informing of other members.

The Prominax Kft. only gives that much personal data for the authorities - if the authorities marked the exact purpose and the cycle of datas - that are necessary needed for the purpose of the petition.