Challenge Tour

Join the Challenge Tour in Budapest!

Join the Challenge Tour in Budapest!

Following last year's successful event, the Challenge Tour will visit Budapest on November 16-17, 2019.
Up to 64 players compete against each other in a straight knockout system in Terminal Snooker. The vacancies will be filled by the organizers with the help of a qualifying competition on November 14-15. The number of qualifiers for the Main Event at the end of the Main Event buy-in period will be determined by World Snooker.

Qualification is open to anyone who has paid the entry fee (£ 50). Before registering, everyone must complete the registration individually at

And important competition information can be found at the following link:…/

The Board of the Snooker Section of the Hungarian Billiard Association has decided to support the costs of the entry of 8 Hungarian players. The presidency has four competitors (Zsolt Fenyvesi, Attila Horváth, Bulcsú Révész and Pál Vantara), who have already proved their outstanding playing skills on the international level. The first 4 players in the industry live leaderboard can sign up for the remaining 4 supported places. If there are more than four applicants, the Industry will determine the positions above the featured players through a qualifying round. The exact details will be elaborated by the branch depending on the number of applicants. Only players who sign up for the Challenge Tour Event 6 after the qualifier will apply for support.

The subsidy will be reimbursed after the athlete is registered on the World Snooker website, has entered the competition and paid the entry fee. World Snooker will send you a proof of deposit.

After registration, we would like to ask support players to contact the Industry at

We hope you are motivated by more and more players to compete against future pros on the Challenge Tour. Who knows if there will be such a tournament in Budapest and not every day we have the opportunity for a Hungarian player to take part in such a snooker event. So adventure, this experience is forever!

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