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Terminal Snooker & Darts Klub TERMINAL SNOOKER

Open every day 14:00-0:00
Friday and Saturday 14:00-1:00

Terminal Snooker & Darts Klub

Open every day 14:00-00:00
Friday and Saturday 14:00-1:00

EBSA Star Academy classification for Snooker & Harrows steel darts club, constant drink specials, Snooker & Darts tournaments, in the KÖKI Terminal area!

Snooker & Darts Klub

EBSA STAR ACADEMY classified Snooker & Harrows steel Darts Club

Snooker & Darts competitions and the best drink offers at Köki Terminal


Open every day:
14:00 - 0:00
On Fridays and Saturdays:
14:00 - 1:00


Would you like to play snooker or darts, 
or just watch the game with your buddies?

6 pcs heatable Star Snooker table,
4 pcs Brunswick Pool table 9'.
8 pcs Harrows steel darts board,
1 shuffleboard with 4 disk,

and a 82” (204 cm) QLED TV and an amazing bar await you with the best drink offers every day!

We wait for you all year round with a beer terrace! ;)

Team building


Due to the design and location of the Terminal Snooker and Darts Club, it is an excellent choice for indoor corporate events. What we can offer:

  • Pleasant pub atmosphere, where visitors are always welcome.
  • In the pub we can comfortably seat 50 people (which can be expanded on demand, the total capacity of the shop together with an 8-table snooker room is 270 people).
  • As we can be found at the KÖKI Terminal Shopping Center at a public transport hub, we can be easily reached by train, bus, metro, car, motorbike, we have to pay 200 HUF for 4 hours in the parking lot of the shopping center.
  • We have countless game opportunities to guarantee the good atmosphere of the event and team building. We haven’t seen anyone who hasn’t sincerely laughed here.


Drink offer

- Tapped and bottled beers.
- Champagne, wines and splashes.
- Hot drinks, coffee.
- Refreshments, soft drinks and non-alcoholic beverages.
- Brandy, rums and other short drinks.
- Sandwiches and nasik.